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R. Gunzburg & M. Szpalski


  • Embryology and development of the spinal canal/anatomy?
  • Biomechanics of neural arch and stenosis
  • Lumbar Stenosis in Dwarfism
  • Etiology and pathogenesis
  • Natural history of spinal stenosis and asymptomatic incidence?

Diagnosis / Presentation

  • Imaging
  • Spinal stenosis: positional and traditional imaging Alberto
  • Differentiating the restriction to mobility due to hip OA versus stenosis using gait analysis
  • Epidural Lipomatosis: An increasing cause of Stenosis
  • Differential diagnosis with vascular Claudication
  • Clinical presentations of degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis
  • A practical treatment algorithm for degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Non degenerative spinal stenosis: congenital, dysplasias and mucopolysaccharidosis & metabolic diseases
  • Can sagittal balance type influence the risk of lumbar canal stenosis?
  • Clinical signs
  • Neurophysiology
  • Stenosis and cauda equina

Conservative treatment

  • Nonoperative treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis: the evidence and triage.
  • The Boot Camp Program for Spinal Stenosis: a multi-modal and self-management training program aimed at improving walking ability and other relevant patient-centered outcomes
  • Interventional pain treatment

Surgical treatment

  • Debate: Degenerative spondylo and stenosis: decompress or decompress and fuse
  • Anterior posterior fusion with reduction of of spondylolithesis with indirect decompression only
  • How much indirect decompression is needed for relief of symptoms, highlight X stop and Superion
  • Central v lateral stenosis or day case surgery for spinal stenosis
  • Complications and their management?
  • 3-D Analysis of Pathoanatomy. The Key to Deciding on Surgical Approach for Stenosis
  • Congenital stenosis and achondroplasia
  • Indirect decompression via lateral approach
  • Indirect decompression via ALIF
  • Surgical treatment of stenosis in de novo scoliosis
  • Technical pearls of micro-decompression for canal and foraminal stenosis.
  • Is fusion needed for stenosis without spondylolisthesis? And, if so, when?
  • Microsurgical crossover decompression in multilevel lumbar stenosis
  • Superion and Coflex interspinous spacers and I can talk to these technologies as well as other ISP technologies that are competitive.
  • Indirect decompression vs posterior decompression fusion
  • Indirect decompression always happens?
  • Indirect decompression vs posterior decompression fusion

Economical and Ethical issues

  • What the SPORT data tells us about Lumbar Stenosis
  • Exercise or surgery for spinal stenosis, what does the evidence say?
  • Major provisions of the NASS Guidelines on Lumbar Stenosis
  • Living with spinal stenosis, what is the quality of life?
  • Reported failures with interspinous and interlaminar devices

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