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Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
R. Gunzburg & M. Szpalski


7.30 Registration

7.55 Welcome


8.00 Embryology and development of the spinal canal/anatomy’
Robert Dunn

8.15 Biomechanics of neural arch and stenosis
Fabio Galbusera

8.30 Lumbar Stenosis in Dwarfism
Dave Wong

8.45 Discussion

9.00 Natural history of spinal stenosis & asymptomatic incidence
Maryem Aguirre

9.15 Etiology and pathogenesis of spinal stenosis
Bjorn Rydevik

9.30 Discussion

9.40 Coffee Break


10.10 Imaging of spinal stenosis: positional and traditional imaging
Alberto Zerbi

10.25 Differentiating the restriction to mobility due to hip OA versus stenosis using gait analysis
Isador Lieberman

10.40 Epidural Lipomatosis: An increasing cause of Stenosis
Dave Wong

10.55 Differential diagnosis with vascular Claudication
Frank Vermassen

11.10 Discussion

11.25 Clinical presentations of degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis
Nachson Knoller

11.40 A practical treatment algorithm for degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis
Michael Mayer

11.55 Non degenerative spinal stenosis: congenital, dysplasia’s and mucopolysaccharidosis & metabolic diseases
Robert Dunn

12.10 Can sagittal balance type influence the risk of lumbar canal stenosis?
Jean Charles Le Huec

12.25 Discussion

12.40 Lunch Break

13.40 Clinical signs
Geoffrey Appelboom

13.55 Neurophysiology
Geoffrey Appelboom

14.10 Discussion

14.20 Debate : Degenerative spondylo and stenosis: decompress or decompress and fuse
Peter Fritzell vs Zoher Ghogawala


14.50 Nonoperative treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis: the evidence and triage
Chris Colloca

15.10 A multi-modal conservative approach to conservatively managing spinal stenosis: the evidence base
Chris Colloca

15.25 Interventional pain

15.40 Discussion

15.55 Coffee Break


16.20 Anterior posterior fusion with reduction of spondylolisthesis with indirect decompression only
Rick Guyer

16.35 Central v lateral stenosis
Ciaran Bolger

16.50 Day case surgery for spinal stenosis, complications and their management?
Ciaran Bolger

17.05 3-D Analysis of pathoanatomy-the key to deciding on surgical approach for stenosis
Dave Wong

17.20 Discussion

17.30 End of first day


8.00 Congenital stenosis and achondronplasia
Francisco Vilarejo

8.15 Clinical results of Interlaminar endoscopic spinal decompression
Chris Hofstetter

8.30 Transforaminal decompression in degenerative spine
Ralf Wagner

8.45 Surgical treatment of stenosis in de novo scoliosis
Claudio Lamartina

9.00 Discussion

9.15 Role of Motion Preservation in Spinal Stenosis Dynamic Stabilization of Spondylolisthesis
Rolando Garcia

9.30 Transforaminal vs. interlaminar endoscopic lateral recess decompression
Chris Hostetter

9.45 Technical pearls of micro decompression for canal and foraminal stenosis.
Brad Weiner

10.00 Discussion

10.15 Coffee break

10.45 Is fusion needed for stenosis without spondy? And, if so, when?
Brad Weiner

11.00 Microsurgical crossover decompression in multilevel lumbar stenosis
Michael Mayer

11.15 Superion and Coflex interspinous spacers and I can talk to these technologies as well as other ISP technologies that are competitive.
Pierce Nunley

11.30 MIS TLIF debate vs ALIF/LLIF/OLIF
Jean-Jacques Abitbol

11.45 Discussion

12.00 Indirect decompression vs posterior decompression fusion
Jean-Jacques Abitbol

12.15 Indirect decompression via lateral approach
Carlotta Martini

12.30 Indirect decompression via ALIF
Pedro Berjano

12.45. Discussion

13.00 Lunch break

13.15 Indirect decompression vs posterior decompression fusion
Pierce Nunley

13.30 Indirect decompression always happens?
Luiz Pimenta

13.45 How much indirect decompression is needed for relief of symptoms highlighting X-stop and Superion
Rick Guyer

14.00Lumbar deformity in degenerative deformity. Is there a place for decompression only.
Richard Assaker

14.15 Discussion


14.30 What the SPORT data tells us about Lumbar Stenosis
David Wong

14.45 Major provisions of the NASS Guidelines on Lumbar Stenosis.
Eric Muehlbauer

15.00 Exercise or surgery for spinal stenosis, what does the evidence say?
Margareta Nordin

15.15 Discussion

15.35 Living with spinal stenosis, what is the quality of life?
Margareta Nordin

15.50 Reported failures with interspinous/interlaminar devices
Scott Blumenthal

16.05 Discussion

16.25 End of the Meeting

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