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The Failed Spine
R. Gunzburg & M. Szpalski



  • Biomechanics of adjacent segment disease
  • Origin of failed spine pain
  • Flat back analysis, origin and consequences
  • Can origin of pain be shown by imaging
  • Adjacent disc disease
  • Increasing pain with increasing failure - what can we learn from animal studies?


  • Electrophysiology in failed spine
  • How imaging can predict failed spine
  • Failed back surgery syndrome
  • Failed spine and sex life
  • Psychology of failed spine, predictive factors?
  • Adjacent disc disease
  • Increasing pain with increasing failure - what can we learn from animal studies?

Conservative treatment

  • Conservative treatment of failed spine
  • Complications of spinal manipulation therapy
  • Psychological treatment in failed spine
  • Algorithm of interventional pain therapy in failed spine
  • Late infections and discitis
  • Medication and opioids
  • Approach to persistent leg pain in failed back
  • Sewing it all up: Essential Characteristics of the Failed Back Patient

Surgical treatment

  • Failed herniated disc
  • Failed decompression
  • Sacral screw loosening strategy
  • The failed scoliosis surgery
  • The rational for staged revision surgeries
  • Clinical outcomes and disposition of patients following removal of spinal instrumentation for pseudarthrosis and loose hardware
  • Failed disc replacement
  • How to take care of an iatrogenic flat back
  • Iterative surgery, identical or different?
  • Failed ALIF
  • Fibrosis and its treatment
  • Failed TLIF
  • Failed SI joint surgery
  • Failed tumor treatment
  • Failed spine in children
  • Anterior approaches for failed PLIF and TLIF
  • Strategies for the treatment of rod breakage in adult deformity surgery
  • Failed PLIF
  • Failed XLIF
  • Misuses of instrumentation
  • Fusion and refusion
  • Indirect decompression vs posterior decompression and fusion
  • Anterior rescue strategy for failed spine

Economical and Ethical issues

  • What Functional Analysis tells us about Failed backs and complex revisions?
  • How to prevent never events
  • Epidemiology of failed spine
  • Prevention of failed, yellow flags, patient expectations and patient selection
  • Cost of failed spine
  • Failed spine surgeon: Dr. Death

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